Should I trade away the 1.01?!

Considering trading the 1.01, A.J Brown and Kareem Hunt for Zeke and Michael Thomas. Am I an insane person for considering this?

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Howdy and welcome!

Depends on your overall league settings, but there is no way I make the trade. I can see why you would consider it, but I would not. If you wanted you could bust the 1.01 into several other picks, but I’m not as in on MT and Zeke.

Without knowing your league type / settings it’s hard to definitely say no, but I’d say no in a vacuum.

I second what octoberland is saying. I feel like MT and Zeke have both had their best years and have already peaked so you are getting them on their descent. Also, AJ Brown is one of the best dynasty assets right now. He is young and has such a high ceiling which he has the potential to hit for the next 5 years so definitely hang on to him.

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