Should I Trade Away Thielen

I was offered Josh Gordon, steffon Diggs and Amari Cooper for Thielen. It’s a full ppr league and I’m currently in 7/10 place with top 6 making playoffs. My WR core would take a hit but would gain a stud RB. We start 2RB, 3WR and 1 flex

My RBs- DJ, McCaffrey, Aaron jones
My WRs- thielen, Sutton, DT, Cobb, sanu, trequan smith, amendola.

you get Melvin!!?? What crazy person would do that and how can I sign up for your league next year?

Yes! Melvin is gold. Take it.
After this all you’ll ever play is Gordon and McCaffrey.

Yes, Melvin alone for Thielen is a good deal.

of course he has both “gordon’s” and he meant josh gordon, i should have realized that. updated OP.