Should i trade back from 1st overall?

I have 1st overall pick in my 0.5 ppr, 12 man league. 2rb, 2wr, 2flex. I love getting cmc, but i dont like what it does to the rest of my team. By the 24th pick theres no other really top teir rb left. Normally end up with cmc, kittle, lev bell to start.

I would prefer to have 2 top rbs (love jacobs, good with either jones, mixon, or drake). Then i go for 2 good wrs.

Should i trade back to around the 10th pick? What do you guys think?

when you have CMC, you don’t really need another top tier guy. Bell, Ingram, Connor should all be fine to pair with CMC. If you treat the 2 WR, 2flex like a 4 WR league, then tmyour 2nd RB spot really can be almost anyone half way decent, like Ronald Jones even.

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