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Should I trade Boyd and J. Howard for Saquon or Zeke?


Someone in my league is offering me Saquon or Zeke for Boyd and Jordan Howard.

Here’s my current team:

QB: Fitzmagic, Stafford
WRs: Antonio Brown, Tyler Boyd, Golden Tate, DJ Moore, Tyler Lockette
RBs: Gurley, Jordan Howard, Kerryonn Johnson
TEs: Njoku, Burton

It’s 1/2 pt PPR, 2 WR, 2RB, 1 Flex




Absolutely do that for Saquon right away.


Why can’t i get offers like this??? Yes, if you’re getting Barkley and Zeke, run run run as fast as you can for that.


Agree. I haven’t been offered anything close to that this year.


You better take it, because right after your trading partner asks someone else for their thoughts there’s a good chance he’s revoking that offer