Should I trade D. Adams or Tyreek Hilll?

I have a 4 keeper league but because of league rules I will be able to keep either Adams or Hill this off season. I can keep Adams for 1 more year or Hill for 2 more. I am currently in a tie for 3rd with 4 teams 1 game back and the other 2 2 games back (6 make playoffs).

I feel decently confident I am going to make the playoffs. Here are the playoff matchups for my 2 stud WRs

Adams - Wsh-Chi-@Min
Hill - @NE-Den-@Chi

I am thinking I might want to try and move 1 of them now for a slightly worse WR with a better playoff schedule and maybe a pick upgrade for next year since I will get more trade value now than I will in the off season.

My other WR currently are Kirn, Fitz and Marquise Brown. ANd Brown plays @Buf-NYJ-@Cle in the playoffs.

Any thoughts?

update. trade deadline is 2 AM tonight…

I’d rather keep them. Two of the best qbs throwing to the guys. The only game I’m worried is NE since no ones really thrown against them. Bears haven’t been the best and stafford put up 400+ on the Vikings. Never played in a keeper league. If you traded with someone that can only keep a guy for one more year and you just got him could you keep that guy for two years or does he get redrafted? Maybe someone else is in the same with a one year guy and you can trade for you to both keep for the next two.

Just some info on the league. Guys can be kept a maximum for 5 total years. trading them doesn’t reset that. The guy I am looking at would be to trade I was thinking Devante Parker because of his good playoffs and maybe get like a 2nd or 3rd pick and give up my 4th or 5th. Thats about the kind of trades that happen

If you want the draft pick for next year I’d do it but I wouldn’t want to trade one of my top players for parker. Never know the last 4 weeks if they are like okay let’s see what Rosen can do or we draft a QB with our top 5 pick.

yeah unless youre getting a high end RB2 as well as parker I wouldnt do that trade. All tyreek needs is one play to give him a weeks worth of production. Ill die on that hill rather than roll the dice with parker.

I need a miracle to make the playoffs now. Should have traded one of them. Finished the season on a 3 game losing streak to fall from 2nd to probably 8th unless I get really lucky and the 2 teams that will pass me with victories lose tonight and tomorrow.