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Should I trade David Johnson?



I am RB heavy (especially when Doug Martin is back) in a 1 RB / 2 WR / 2 Flex full PPR league. I am being offered AJ Green and Jordan Reed for David Johnson. My initial thought was to wait for Kareem Hunt or Dalvin Cook to establish themselves as a top back over the first couple weeks and then deal one of them plus someone else for a top WR, but I am wondering now if I would be better off to get a high end WR and TE and then utilize Cook/Hunt/Martin as my RB1.

Please weigh in with your thoughts on this trade opportunity!


Keep Johnson at all costs. Reed too risky.


I would keep Johnson. I traded away the second pick (1st round) in my draft for his 10th (1st round) and a 3rd round pick. With those picks I got Freeman and Rodgers. That to me is worth giving up bell but Reed is not worth it he is always hurt. You should keep your team how it is now.


Aj green is a fine choice but they need to upgrade reed. He is way to risky. For dj you need 2 top tier locks.


Back away from the computer!

1 RB league means you’ve got that much more of an advantage over the next guy. Don’t trade DJ unless you get Bell + a player in return…Even then I’d probably advise against it.


No. That’s not even close to enough. I’d need a WR1 and RB1 (unless the RB was Bell, then I’d take a bit less as the sweetener, but no one is trading Bell). To even consider this. Probably something like Freeman and Green. I’m not even sure if do that.


Thanks for talking me off the ledge here guys, I will hold the team for now.