Should I trade DJ?

Hi ballers,

My team is:
QB: Dak RB: Saquan, Josh Jacobs WR: Amari Cooper, Adam Theilen TE: Waller FLEX: John Brown
Bench: Russ Wilson, DJ, Robert Woods, Mattison, Amendola, Pollard, Mostert

So my question is, do i trade DJ?? and if so, what for?? Anyone have any luck dealing him yet?

Yes, I’m also trying to get rid of him. Even if he does come back, his next 4 games are: SF, TB, SF, BYE. He is worthless for a month, and value will drop each week. Trade him now for pretty much anything you can get, as he’s likely a lost cause ROS (until maybe playoffs).

I’d also lose Woods. He’s just not producing, but has name/team value. Package him with DJ for someone decent, maybe a WR2

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I’m have tried to trade him, but I think he will be good for playoffs and I think I can manage, currently 6-2 and next best team is 4-4. I offered David Johnson, OBJ and McLaurin for Elliot and got rejected. Also offered same package for Fournette and JuJu with no luck. I have since traded OBJ, but I’m trying to package Johnson and mclaurin for another rb.

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Would it change anything if this is a 3-player keeper league? Is DJ someone i should hold onto for next season or still flip him for someone else?

Also what i said above about possibly keep DJ since this is a 3-player keeper league?

In a keeper league, yeah hold onto him. When healthy, in that offense, he can definitely produce, and should only get better as the Cards develop

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