Should I trade for 1.01 in SF?

I’m in talks to trade for the 1.01 in a super flex, PPR, TE premium dynasty league. They offered me the 1.01 for Gibson and the 1.07. They also offered me 1.01 and Chase Edmonds for 1.07, McLaurin, and Tannehill. It’s a SF league so the 1.01 will be Lawrence and I am thin at QB (Tannehill is basically my only viable QB), but is getting Lawrence worth it to give up those assets?

I also have CMC, Davante Adams, DeVante Parker, Melvin Gordon, 1.12, 2 2022 1sts, 2 2022 2nds, and 2 2023 1sts.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

So you’re at the 1.07 and need help at QB. Have you looked at the people picking in spots 1-6 to take an educated guess on who they will select? There’s likely 5 QBs to be drafted tomorrow, making all them early picks in a SF rookie draft. However, there’s a good chance at least 1 of them falls to you at the 1.07 if a few of your league mates are prioritizing RB or WR, plus Pitts will be highly coveted in a TE premium league. Depending on the premium, there’s a world where he is the No. 2 pick off the board in rookie drafts.

I wouldn’t trade away Tannehill just to get Lawrence. You’re back to having only 1 viable QB in a SF league that way. Gibson and the 1.07 for the 1.01 is probably a over payment, but not by a massive amount. You could add back to your RB depth at the 1.12 (though BPA in this range are often WRs from what I’m seeing)

My suggestion to you is to first research the rosters of picks 1-6 and get an idea of who they’re likely to take based on needs and ADP. Once you have that picture, you can decide whether to stay put or move up. You might find that someone in picks 2-6 would be willing to move back to 1.07 for something less (like Gordon or swapping your 1.12 for a 2nd Rd in return).

Thank you for the help! I think probably 3 QBs will go before me, with the probably 2 RBs and then either a WR or Pitts. I’m checking in with the people at picks 2-6 to see if they are open to a trade, but I ultimately might just test my luck at 7. Thanks!