Should i trade for a better WR?

I’m thinking about trading for a better WR, coz I feel like I need one…

  • Kelce for a WR1
  • Jackson + Tyrell Williams/Marquise Brown/2020 6th Round for Tyle Boyd, or is this to much? (/ means or)

12Team .5PPR (IDP League, that’s why there are so many Bench slots)
My Team:

QB: Newton
RB: Bell
RB: A.Jones
WR: Godwin
WR: Robinson
TE: Kelce
Flex: Ekeler

BN: Ridley, Breida, M. Brown, Justin Jackson, Marvin Jones, Tyrell Williams, C. Samuel, Marquise Brown

Thanks for the help

Could you try to package 2 of Ridley, Robinson, and Jones to upgrade? Maybe go after someone in the Edelman/Keenan/Woods tier? What I would do

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I’ll try this, thank you