Should I trade for a WR?

This is an 8man PPR league.

My team (3-3)
RB: Zeke, Shaquon, Mixon, J. Conner, Kerreyon
WR: Addams, K. Allen, Tate, Sanders, and Golladay
TE: Kelce

Should I risk some of my depth to get a WR 1? I was thinking of packaging someone like Mixon and Sanders for Julio or OBJ

K. Allen has been disapointing and even doe I know he could turn it around should I love to flip him and a RB for a stud WR1?

I would try to package conner and a wr for a wr1 and hold keenan

I just got offered Michel and TY for Mixon, Sanders and Tate

Also have an offer of Diggs for Sanders and Tate

I like the Diggs offer best. Still don’t think you need to make a move. Adams is on bye this week. Other than that, you’re sitting really well. Keenan is seeing targets, TDs will (should) come.