Should I trade for Antonio Brown

Someone is offering me Antonio Brown for Robby Anderson and Dede Westbrook. Would you take that?

No. Robby or Dede could become WR1s, at least on the fringe. And, to be frank, I don’t trust Derek Carr to repeat his great couple of years again. He might, but I trust Foles more at this point. And, Darnold seems more comfortable throwing downfield, so…

If it was something like, Dede + Carlos Hyde, or Robby + Anthony Miller, maybe…but AB, who we have no real timetable on (as it continues to change), and who had zero rapport with his new QB who hasn’t produced a top ten receiver in how long (if I’m wrong, I’ll cop to it, but I’m fairly certain I’m accurate)? But, this dude is just trying to fleece you.

Great point!

You should definitely do it. Robby and Dede are good but now with foles going down it certainly effects Dede’s value. You can be fairly certain that AB will be a WR1 going forward. Don’t pass that up.

He ended up accepting Robby Anderson and Scantling from Green Bay for AB. Then I traded another person Robby Anderson yo get Tom Brady.

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