Should I trade for Bell? I got Conner

Hey guys the Bell owner in my league is getting antsy… I have James Conner already, Should I try and trade for him… I got the players to pull this trade off and not have it cost me too much but I just don’t know if I should take the chance on Bell…

What do you guys think?

Yes. I’d trade for Bell. People are panicking and it’s pretty jokes. If you trade for bell and he holdes out for 6 games or less, you get a huge advantage.

do you think Mixon + something else would be to much ?

I mean depends on what the something else would be. But I’d give Mixon + for Bell personally.

I in negotiations right now and we are at Ingram + another name right now… Might be Royce freeman… What you think?

That is robbery. I would pull the trigger immedietely. Ingram + anyone who isn’t a 1st rounder is basically insane.

Ingram only cost you your faab. That’s basically trading Bell for Freeman.

So if it got to ingram + Mixon For Bell Would that be too much?

No. I’m still taking it. Like I said, anyone who isn’t a 1st rounder

If you’ve got conner, then YES, try to get bell. At this point, it’s almost like Bell could be an absolutely beastly insurance deal for conner owners rather than the other way around.

MIke is right about the panic; I tend to be patient, but even I’m looking at the Pitt situation and thinking “man, I’d hate to be a Bell owner right now…I think I’d get rid of him for the right price.” We were just in another thread and I was talking about the climate around bell right now; it’s pretty ugly. You might be able to get Bell without giving up too much.

I personally think Mixon’s going to have a big year, so be careful…I’d try the deal without the “something else” part first see what this guy says, and then work from there.

Nah hes looking to get 2 starters back… He wants Ingram and soemthing else and Mixon is one guy hes looking at

Fair enough.

All I’m saying is…do your research before you take on Bell…read the article I linked and then the articles that are linked within that one.

You don’t want to give up too much for a guy who might not play…

yeah thats my worry… But I have 9 RBs and i drafted that many just for this reason…to trade lol and having james conner already makes it easier to swallow

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Yeah…I definitely recommend pursuing bell for any conner owners.

9 RBs? Sheesh! Wheel em and deal em, man…

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I would happily trade Ingram + Mixon for Bell. If Bell holds out for anything less than 6 games, you’re in a league winning position if you make it to playoffs.

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I have a guy thinking on Julio and Rex for bell what do you think of that?

I would take that depending on your other WRs

For those interested in my negotiations we are currently at

Ingram+Mixon+Cooper for Bell+Kupp

Julio is heavy duty, man…and he’ll be lacin’ 'em up this week…and has plans to do so every week, barring the unforeseen injury. Rex is no mere throw in, either.

that’d be hard to pass up.

Looks like I could get Bell for Saquon but I’m really having a hard time pulling the trigger. I do have Conner as well…thoughts???

Nah. I’d keep Saquon. Those 2 are too close for me to take on that risk, as much as I love bell.

I have Saquon as my 1.06.