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Should I trade for better WR


Hey everyone, my team is as follows,

David Johnson
Aaron rodgers
Le’veon bell
Zeke Elliott
Martivias Bryant
Brandon Marshall
Randall Cobb
Tyler effiert
Eric decker
Desean Jackson
Marvin Jones
Eddie lacy

Should I try to get better wide receivers or does everyone like the ones I have?


If I were you, I would sit tight and see how it goes for the first few weeks. I think that you will be fine being you have the best two flex players and the best QB on your team. I would rather have DJ and Bell over one of those and top ten WR.

Ride with DJ, Bell, and Rogers and see if you can get some wins before Zeke returns. At that time, re-evaluate your WR situation then decide if you want to unload one of your RBs for some top receiver talent. You may not need to if two of your WRs step up.


I agree with @mchild89.