Should I trade for gronk?

Get: Gronk
Trade away: kerryon and Amari cooper

My team
QB: luck

RB: gordon, fournette, Royce freeman, kerryon, Clemente, rob Kelly, breida

WR: Amari cooper, Allen Robinson, mike Williams, Edelman, Robbie Anderson, Tyler Lockett

Def: Tennessee

Don’t have a kicker or TE yet, I was going to pick them up off waivers
Thanks guys

That’s a good trade for you in my opinion. The only issue I am seeing is that it will stretch you really thin at WR.

Man, this makes me a little worried.

You clearly went RB heavy in the draft leaving your WR a little thin. If you give up Cooper, who is considered a strong upside pick this year, you’re left with the following:

Robinson - Coming off injury, new QB, Role assumed WR but unknown Run/Pass attack balance
Williams - Receiving option 4 on his team? Considering a TD dependent sleeper. Antonio Gates resigning HURTS
Edelman - Good stuff, but no action till week 5… good pick
Anderson - Big Play Machine with a starting rookie QB, scary!
Locket - Honestly, kind of like Anderson but with a higher floor I think? Outlook cloudy

While Gronk is great, if you can get a Doyle/Njoku/ASJ/OJ How… I feel like you gotta take the flyer.

That said, you most definitely can part with some of your RB depth if you need to. Not sure your league construction but assuming you can play max 3 RB’s.

I’m not doing this trade. Especially considering how terrible your WR core would be after.

If you trade cooper, you basically don’t even have startable WRs anymore if ARob doesn’t work out.

I’d stick to streaming TE. It’s not pretty, but it’s better than streaming WRs.