Should I trade for Yeldon

Fournette owner, someone beat me to Yeldon on the waiver wire, should I trade for him, and what should I give up? Likely choices are Robby Anderson, Cooper Kupp, Matt Breida and Latavius Murray. I’m hesitant to part with Kupp, but I’m not sure where to gauge Yeldon’s value at this point.

Id try with breida cause you could go off that he could potentially become the lead back there and has reward rn. if he doesnt go for it id say murray since he is a great handcuff to a guy who could potentially get hit with the injury bug again.

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Anderson , Breida and Murray for Yeldon …I would do… Keep Cooper Cupp. RZ threat. Then i would simply go to waiver wire to fill in empty slots

Do not trade Fournette… you need yeldon as handcuff…you simply do , pay for it, but not with Cooper

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are you saying trade all 3 of them for Yeldon?

I approach trades 1 player at a time. If rejected then so on. Comprende?

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You must heve Yeldon… Start low, then …