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Should I trade for Zeke even with 6 game suspension?


With Zeke suspended 6 games, the guy in my league with him has no other good running backs. I have DJ, Gordon and Howard. Thinking about trading Melvin for Zeke straight up. Also, if he appeals, it may drop to 3 game suspension. Thoughts?? ( I also have Terrance West if I need him)


Not the worst idea. Sounds like a keeper or dynasty? If it is hell yeah.

Plus, jump on it while he is still afraid. Zeke owners around the world are panicking


It depends on how low the owner is on him now. You might get a Melvin for Zeke trade. With your RBs, I think it’s definitely worth a shot.


I think I’d try to jump on the worries. If you can trade Melvin for Zeke straight up I think that’s a win for you. You can survive the suspension with Howard so it makes a lot of sense.


How TF did you get 3 top 10 backs lmao.


Crazy, right?! Everyone went super high on WR so I kinda got screwed with that but I’ll gladly take 3 of the 7 best RBs lol


Yeah, I’m think I can hold even with Terrance West if I have to. I’m gonna go for it.


Yes You should definitely trade for him, regardless of how long the suspension is.


I’m just worried about a 6-game suspension because he won’t be playing until week 8 because of the bye week. I’m torn…


yeah but barring any injuries, you have plenty of backup to work with. the only thing i havent looked into is when their bye weeks are. that plays in a bit for me, but i still probably do it. just think of that late year push with DJ and Zeke man. the stuff of champions.


I would trade for him still but I would try trading Howard for Zeke


I’m gonna try that first and the go Melvin if I have to


You have a lot of risk here bro. Yeah the suspension could drop to 3 games. Or it could stay at 6. Or he could appeal, delaying the suspension, have the suspension upheld, and you lose Elliott for your fantasy playoffs. Right now it’s wide open.

I would much rather have Gordon than Elliott. I think Howard’s due to bust this year, so I’d probably do that, but that’s just me. I think you’ll find most experts will rank Zeke behind both Gordon and Howard given the suspension.


The thing to remember here is: Even if he ends up stuck with the 6 game suspension, come week 8 (basically mid-season) you’ve got a “fresh” TOP RB to finish out the season. And you can believe he’s gonna be a MONSTER on “fresh” wheels at that point even though Dallas has a fairly tough end of season schedule. But I agree…this is a tough one to figure. Best of luck whatever happens!!! :smile: