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Should I trade Ginn Jr for HANDCUFF McFadden?


I drafted Zeek Elliott in the 2.06 because I thought this suspension wouldn’t play out until next year like “Deflate Gate”. I didn’t draft McFadden because he was taken in like the 8th round. The owner of McFadden is only wanting to trade him for Ted Ginn Jr and I really don’t want to pay that. I have been trying to trade him Jeremy Hill or Thielen or Moncrief for McFadden. Should I offer Jeremy Hill and one of those receivers as well??? What do you all think???


What receivers do you have? Besides Thielen and Moncreif


I have Julio Jones, Michael Crabtree, DeSean Jackson, and Ted Ginn Jr. He told me he only has room for one guy so he doesn’t want a two for one deal. He wants Ted Ginn Jr but I really didn’t want to give him up so early but if I want McFadden on my bench, thats all he is going to accept at the moment.


I wouldn’t be trading much for a handcuff. If Foreman, Conner, Carson, or such are on waivers just grab one of them if you want a handcuff, they all carry similar value.


Who would you drop, Moncrief or Thielen? I don’t know if I should drop either of them yet. All those guys are on the wire


I’d drop Moncrief for one of them. Most likely Moncrief will remain out there until we hear something about Luck. I like Conner. Bell has the injury history and his backup has always proved productive.


Burkehead was just dropped as well


I’d stand pat, personally. I’d explore 2 for ones elsewhere to consolidate talent and then add one of those RBs for free.