Should I trade Gronk? (Dynasty/Scared)

I’m considering trying to aggressively trade Gronk. The news of contemplating retirement and now this mornings news of Brady doing the same has me panicked.

My team is (Notables)

QB: Rodgers Brees
RB: Shady, David Johnson, Lynch, Gore, and Stewart
WR: Baldwin, Fitzgerald, Hill, Landry, Nelson, and Richard Matthews
TE: Gronk and Walker
DEF: Broncos and Bears

Dynasty/0.5 PPR

If I were to trade Gronk who would be someone you’d consider targeting and what position do you think I need to upgrade most?

Should I try to trade him or hold pat?
Thanks guys.

last year was the year to trade him. chances are, you are going to get underpaid for him at this point. so now you kind of just have to stick it out and hope that they both come back, and then you trade him.

as for what, you need RB and WR. pretty badly. but you at least have a top talent at RB, so i would go WR first. dream situation is getting 2 players, 1 RB 1 WR.

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Biggest issue was I needed him lol. Ive won the league back to back seasons and with DJ down last year I couldn’t deal him.

I would tend to agree with @BusterD. Now is not the time to sell.

IMO for best value: buy Vets and sell Rookies in the off-season, sell Vets and buy Rookies in-season.

Have you heard the reports that “Rob Gronkowski’s absence at offseason workouts is reportedly related to money,” “…signals an interest in returning to the Patriots this season”. No idea if that is more true then the retirement rumors but it should be enough to quell the panic.

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I did not actually see that report. Thanks for sharing that info.

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I was having a hard time trading gronk this offseason because nobody wants to take the chance on him. I ended up packaging him, with other big name/big potential players and getting a good return. I traded gronk, Amari cooper, and Derek Henry for David Johnson, George Kittle and a 2019 1st

Try something like that. Package him with a player, like cooper, who has big dynasty value but you might be unsure of. Some people still think of Cooper as a top 5 dynasty WR, which he very well could be, or he could be a bust. get a surefire return for a package

Im considering trying to do either a Gronk/Shady package or a Gronk/Landry. Now just trying to target the right value players for them.

Maybe go for a Mixon and a upper tier WR, something like thatstrong text

For the Gronk/Landry or Gronk/Shady or just Gronk? Really wish the Bengals would’ve brought in a new coach.