Should i trade gronk

Hey guys with baldwin going down im sorta lacking a depth at WR
the trade is
gronk and zeke for
melvin gordon tyreek hill and trey burton

What do you guys think. full PPR

my team is
jamaal williams
dion lewis
mark ingram
kerryon johson
mike gilli
chris carson

larry fitz
doug b
allen hurns
devin funchess

thanks for the help guys.

trading 2 of the best players in the league at their positions, for 1 great rb, a boom or bust wr coming off of a boom game and a te thats okay, im a hard pass. WAY too much to give up. take zeek and melvin out of that deal and MAYBE you can consider it. with all of the tes that went down this week, you can most definitely get way better value for gronk.

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yea that was my first thought when i got the trade offer.

I would take that trade. This Dallas offense gives me absolutely zero confidence in their ability to call the right plays and get the ball to zeke. Not to mention, their O-line looks absolutely awful. And their receivers look like replacement level players. Every team will totally sell out the pass to stop the run game. It’s going to be a problem going forward cause Dak can’t beat anyone with his arm.

Gordon was super involved. And as someone who wasn’t as high on hill in the off season, having watched both the preseason and first week action, I am going to eat crow for my mistake. Hill is the real deal. Just really really good at football and great chemistry with a talented young QB. He’ll bust some weeks for sure but when he hits, with your team composition, JJ+Hill+Gordon will literally win you weeks.

I’m assuming this is PPR format. And I am about as high on Gronk as anyone on these forums.

Although Burton didn’t produce, he was heavily involved in the game. Played 80% of snaps and ran 40 routes. Targetted 4 times and Trubisky missed on the throws. Production should follow as they get more in sync. I think this is a pretty good deal for both sides.

EDIT: Also, Gordon gives you the floor required to support a player like Hill. And I honestly don’t think Hill will be as boom bust as he was last year. I actaully see him getting more involved in the short/intermediate crossing routes which will take targets away from Kelce.

I am much higher on Gordon now than I was before the season. It’s clear the coaching staff wasn’t just talking out of their ass when they said they wanted to involve gordon in pass game. He led his team in targets.

EDIT x 2: I actually love this trade given your roster. You should take it right now.

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im actually fine with this. gronk is due a big season ending injury, i havent been in his corner all year. gordon is only a step below zeke, they are both still elite RBs. and then you do get a WR that can be, and has been, a WR1 who seems to have an uncanny connection with his QB so far. added bonus, you get to buy the bears version of kelce for cheap. im pretty content with this trade.

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im gonna wait until waivers go through tonight. somebody also dropped evan engram to the waivers today is this league, but that won’t run untill thursday. This league uses the old waiver system as well so not a guarantee on me getting anybody. I’m just really torn on taking this trade or not.

the guy im trading has a pretty stacked team as well
he has
melvin gordon

he has said he would give me Fourette or gordon