Should I trade high on Aaron Jones?

Wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on trading Jones after that monster game.

I’m having similar thoughts. He’s shown a monster ceiling now, I’m not sure how to value him to be honest.

Really as a fellow Jones shareholder I’d want an RB1 or stud WR1 plus back now. I know the touches will change with Williams back but a player with that ceiling needs to be valued accordingly in my view.

I’ve got some similar issues with trades on my topic just started if you want to weigh in? Had a few guys go off so I’d appreciate the advice! Trade help off a big week

Zeke is my RB1 even though he hasn’t had a big blow up game yet. After Jones my backfield is Sanders and McCoy, sooo pretty ugly after jones. My WRs are Thielen, Woods, Jeffery, McClaurin, Ridley, and Tyrell Williams

I was going to try and trade Jones for Gurley before this week’s crazy explosion lol but now im second guessing if I should stick with him ROS.

I’d maybe stick with him to be far, unless you get a get a real haul for him like say Carson and a WR in return but really you want two solid starters back or one under performing stud. But given your RB core you need an RB that you can start each week back so it’ll be a 2-1 for me or hold if i were you

I’d have a hard time letting Jones go. He’s in a great situation. The potential was always there for him to thrive. With Rodgers they should always be competitive enough for him to have a great game plus, he looked fantastic. He didn’t just fall forward for yards. He was fluid, elusive and showed amazing vision and strength. If you’re determined to see what you could get, it would have to be alot. If Dallas could get Zeke on a consistent roll you’d have potentially the best 1-2 in fantasy from an RB standpoint. At worst he could be an amazing flex option on those tough matchup weeks