Should I trade high on McLaurin?

Need some advice on whether or not I should look to trade McLaurin.

My current WRs are:

Evans, TY, Thielen, Ridley, Alshon, McLaurin

RBs: Zeke, Aaron Jones, Sanders, McCoy

What is McLaurin worth?

I traded McLaurin and Conner for Kamara prior to this big week so I think he has some good value.

You are deep at WR. Trading McLaurin is a good idea despite the fact he’s a stud. His value is all over the charts because of his rookie status. You could trade one of your other established WRs and get better value in a trade on name value alone.

Ya I could try to package up Aaron Jones and a WR for an RB1.

Heck, you might want to send out Thielen instead. I don’t have faith in Cousins being able to pull this off consistently. Thielen should fetch a higher price (unless you find someone WAY up on the McLauren hype) and you’re still good at WR. Just a thought.

What do you think I could get for Jones and Thielen?

Or should I trade Thielen just to get more RB depth

I’m hoping to get Singletary off waivers this week, so that might help a bit.

Consider RB depth, but without knowing your league it’s really hard to know the WR->RB value or vice versa. A package deal should be a top 5 guy though imo. You already have Zeke (and he’s like, #7 RB now? Or something like that?)

Ya he is 7th

I’m thinking of trying to get Kamara since he has been underperforming as of late

I stashed Brees on IR so that duo might be lethal later on…my league is a 10 team Full PPR format. RBs are definitely valued more in my league…especially pass catching backs.