Should I trade in dynasty .5 ppr 10 team

Hey y’all, I have a trade on the table and could use some help. I was offered Austin Ekeler, 1.02, 1.09, & 2.07 for zeke. I don’t pick until 3.05 and have Rodgers and Brady at QB/ Bell, Latavius Murray, Peterson, and Cohen at RB/ Adams, Hilton, Lockett, Edelman, and Fuller at WR/ Cook & Jarwin at TE. Thanks!

Btw you start 2 RB 2 WR and 2 flex

I don’t hate that trade for Zeke, he’ll be solid for sure and is a consistent RB1 but with the addition of Lamb i don’t see how he can catch that many balls for at least the next two seasons (they may get away from Cooper or Gallup in 3 years time) . Also the once great O line is getting weaker, it may not have a major impact but it is a factor.

I think Ekeler, unless Herbet is really good, could get up being a solid high end RB2 IMO, but with the 1.02 you can get a good RB and 1.09 you should have options like a Vaughn, maybe one of the top WRs gets to you. You could take a look at QB if you love one or wait until 2.07. Might be worth taking a shot at a TE in round 3?

It’s big trading Zeke away but i think, if you have a good rookie draft, you could come out of it a better team overall IMO. Plus Zeke gets a lot of work, the odds of him getting hurt go up each year.

If you don’t have a chance of being a competitive playoff team then this trade could make sense for retooling your team for the future.

Ekeler is a solid PPR RB, in addition your getting the chance at CEH/Taylor who both have opportunity at becoming RB1 upside in near future. At 1.7 You can get the likes of Akers, Reagor, Jefferson, Ruggs who all have instant starter/high ceilings. At 2.7 your looking at tua/Herbert at QB to add some youth, maybe a WR falls or some more young high ceiling guys. In an ideal world if you could turn zeke into Ekeler, Taylor, Jefferson, Tua then you’ve restocked your team with up and coming young talent and in the next couple years will be a legit contender year in and year out.

You can then focus on trading some of your older pieces for more picks and have an opportunity at a dominate dynasty team for many years.

Thanks for the help guys. Thinking about trading zeke is a scary proposition. I won 2 years ago and made playoffs last year, but I’m not sure if its too early to sell zeke