Should I trade James Robinson for Clyde?

In a standard league with 4 keepers should I trade James Robinson for Clyde? We start 1QB 2 RB, 2WR, 1 TE and a Flex. The Clyde owner would ship Clyde straight up for Robinson, he’s been asking. I just don’t know if I want to ship Robinson for Clyde when Clyde’s been getting pulled in the 10 zone and the Chiefs find creative ways not to use him even when they do have him in close. I guess I feel like Clyde’s high upside is a mirage, but I need someone to tell me if I’m being dumb here.

What do you guys think?

I think it is to early to trade Clyde. His ceiling is so high. They will continue to get him touches especially out of the back field.

So you think I should accept the trade then and get Clyde?

I would. Clyde is better for PPR leagues but even in a standard league he has more upside on the best team and offense in the NFL.

Would it surprise you James Robinson has the same reception total and 40 more receiving yards than CEH?

I’m at a point where it’s a lateral move and I wouldn’t make the trade. James could fizzle but rightnow he’s significantly outproducing.

What is the keeper implications? Clyde was a 1st or 2nd rounder and James a FA find. My league doesn’t allow 1st rounders or FA’s to be kept but some leagues apply later round values.

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CEH does have high upside, but you can argue J Rob has high upside as well. Depending on your league format, J Rob has outscored CEH in fantasy this year (J Rob 62 pts vs CEH 48 pts in my league).

J. Rob is performing on a team that is mediocre with a bad offensive line. The same O line Fournette couldn’t run behind.

However, due to CEH’s team situation, he has slightly higher upside (IMO) but definitely has the safer floor over J Rob because of CEH’s league winning QB.

CEH’s biggest worry is what happens when Damien Williams comes back next year? Will it be a split? Committee backfield? Ride the hot hand?

J Rob will be the unquestioned top RB in JAX.

Overall, IMHO, I think it is too early in their career to tell who is better. I know the CEH truthers will come at me, but I have watched both of them play. Both are extremely talented, but just remember CEH has the higher upside due to the team and his QB compared to J Rob who has a bad O line and an average QB (at least I think he is average from watching him, a Jags fan).

This is pretty much where I’m at with it, so glad to hear I’m not just being stupid.

I have them both and I would hate to trade away either. I think CEH is the better play ROS, but right now I think you could get the CEH owner to throw in more. Capitalize on the fact that J Rob is technically performing better than CEH. What is the rest of the other owners roster?

Thanks for the help everyone! I should’ve tried this but the CEH owner traded him to someone else