Should I trade Jay Ajayi and Martavis Bryant for Julio

Have a guy on my league who needs a running back, Should i trade Ajayi and offer M. Bryant for Julio Jones. I have L.Bell, L.Fournette, and K.Hunt that i use in my RB spots. Then I still Have D, Thomas, M Crabtree, and C,hogan for receivers plus receive Jones if it goes through. Should i do it?

I would do that yes. Idk if he would accept it because people are hesitant to trade big names like Julio, but its worth a shot. You have 4 RB1s and a couple WR2s basically. If this doesn’t work I would still shop around for a WR1.

Generally, I don’t love trading high end RBs for high end WRs, but in this case, I’d go for it. Ajayi’s knee scares me.

I usually don’t like to trade RB1 for WR1, but as some point you have an inefficient roster if you can’t play top talent. I think this is one of those cases. And I agree I’m worried about Ajayi’s knee a bit.

Definitely true. Just a general rule of thumb for me. Naturally each case should be judged on it’s own merits.

I think that this trade would definitely be in your favor.