Should I trade Jordan H. and thielen to get Kareem Hunt?

I have Jordan H. and thielen and plan to trade it for Kareem Hunt?

What do you guys think? Thanks for any help.

No way man keep what you got


Have to agree @BoomerSooner35!!! No way would go for that. Would have to have a 2-fer with that trade.

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absolutely not, you have two players that could finsih top 10 in their respected positions. Hunt is no lev bell or todd gurley etc.

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Exactly @mihalco3. Well said!

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Don’t think you have to give up that much. Personally not high at all on Thielen. Don’t think there’s any shot he finishes as top 10 as someone alluded to above.

If this was a full ppr format, i could maybe get behind it. In a half PPR, it’s closer but you could definitely still get something back. I’d do this trade if you got them to add in a depth RB piece or a deeper/sleeper WR. Someone on the tier of like Keelan Cole or Cooper Kupp or something like that.

He def has a chance to finish in the top 10, 2017 he had 1300 yards and close to 100 catches, not too many players are doing numbers better than that. Dalvin Cook being healthy may impact his targets but we will see how it shakes out. Side note PFF has Vikings as 10th easiest schedule for WR’s, Take that for whatever its worth. I think the upgrade at QB helps his case.

2017, was his ceiling. He saw over 140 targets and still finished as WR12 in half ppr scoring. Want to know what’s changed since then?

  1. New QB. A better QB who can actually push the ball downfield. The number of times diggs broke wide open but Keenum didn’t have the talent or the balls to get it to him downfield is embarassing when watching the tape.

  2. Shurmur is gone. Shurmur, loves the slot. He made Thielen, not the other way around. Before Shurmur, Thielen was an above average receiver at best.

I don’t expect him to see anywhere near the same number of targets this year as last year. He’s also pretty bad in the redzone. He got a tonne of red zone targets last year but had an inferior conversion rate compared to Diggs cause his contested catch ability is average at best. Expecting vikings to correct for that and send more targets the way of Diggs instead of theilen.

Thielen is my top candidate for falling out of WR1 finish this year.

well I mean… his contested catch rate was 14th so I agree it’s decent but not horrendous. He only had 9 endzone targets so I see upside in a WR that isnt TD dependent. He was also on the field for 94% of the snaps with 40% in the slot. They move him all over. And what week will Diggs be hurt this year?

I don’t know where you’re getting your stats from but this is incorrect. Thielen saw 17 red zone targets last year, and caught only 5 of them, putting it at less than 30% conversion. And he only turned 2 of those into scores. He doesn’t work well in short areas of the field. That conversion rate ranked just ahead of Kendall Wright last year.

Diggs on the other hand, caught 11 of 13 targets in the redzone for nearly 85%. The gap between the two is monumental. It’s not even remotely close.

Cousins relies on guys who are good with contested catch in the red zone. That’s why ryan grant put up so many TDs last year. Cause his contested catch is upper end of the league. Diggs, is probably the best contested catch WR in the league. Cousins is going to rely on him heavily in the redzone.

Can’t argue against the health aspect though of diggs. Good thing is if Diggs isn’t 100% healthy, you don’t play him. He’s not good when hurt, history shows that. But on a per game basis, he’s going to blow thielen out of the water.

The upside for Thielen isn’t there. Keep drafting him at his ceiling if you want but for me, it’s an easy fade just based on the numbers.

i edited it to say endzone targets, the “verbage” was incorrect… and Im not drafting at his ceiling he’s a 2$ keeper lol

Thanks for the light banter but respectfully I think Theilen will be “J” fine.

Not every one has the luxury of keeping him for $2. Obv, if you keep him for that, you get it. I’m talking about average ADP.

End zone target’s is not really the right metric. Look at red zone cause those are tight windows where they are most likely to be given opportunities to score, which is what you want. Or if you want to get more particular, then you can use inside the 10 yard line. Thielen caught 1 of 8 of those FYI.

Agree he’ll be fine, he’s still a good receiver and isn’t a scrub. But this whole “Banter” started by me countering Thielen finishing in the top 10 as being very unlikely. And more specifically, talking about his contested catch and red zone efficiency which as you can see by the above, is less than appealing.

well weather you take Theilen or Diggs your just going to get vultured by Ruldolph. I just think there is great value in players that don’t need to TD to rack up fantasy points.

Rudolph going to get TDs but he’s not going to get enough to really impact Diggs. Even if he gets like 8, which is probably his ceiling, you’re still going to go to your top red zone threat in diggs to get a bunch. Should be more than sufficient for a team who’s goign to get a lot of looks given how good their D is.

Diggs can also get the yardage, any then some. His yardage ceiling is also higher than Thielen in addition to the TD upside.

I agree it’s nice having a WR who can perform without TDs but as I said above, I don’t see him getting nearly the same amount of targets this year and he doesn’t have the TD potential to make up for that drop off.

I don’t think Thielen will play up to his draft position this year.

However, he has perceived value.

If all you’re currently getting is Hunt for Howard and Thielen, the deal as currently configured is lopsided. Ask for another piece.

Yes, you’re getting Hunt, who currently has higher value than Howard, but not by much.

So your trade partner should have to come up with another part to the trade that offers you someone who is a little less valuable than Thielen.

With Thielen you’ve got an opportunity to sell high on a WR who probably played to his ceiling last year. Thielen is a bargaining chip. If your trade partner is unwilling to even out the deal, then I walk away from this trade.

What’s your trade partner’s roster look like at wR?

I am also not very high on thielen this year, but he does have the value one could say.

His team at wr is Hill, Cooper, Brandin Cooks and Funchess.

Thanks guys for all the help.

sorry I never circled back to this…

He’s got nice receivers and he wants Thielen, huh?

this could work to your advantage because it’s not like he’s hurting for receivers and needs Thielen. Looks like he wants a monopoly of 4th and 5th round adp guys.

I wonder if he’d do Hunt and either Cooper or Cooks for Howard and Thielen?

Hunt / Cooks for Howard / Thielen is an interesting trade, but I think Hunt / Cooper for Howard / Thielen is better for you, and it’s therefore less likely that he’ll do it.

Cooper, Cooks and Thielen are right next to each other in adp and he’s gotta even out the deal otherwise it’s not worth it for you to do it. But I doubt he’ll give up any of those three guys, and if he counters with Funchess, it’s just not enough. I mean, I’m not high on Thielen, but he’s way better than Funch, not a comparable.

In fact, I think your potential trade partner’s unwilingness to part with any of those three guys guys is baked into his request for Thielen as a part of this deal without any offer of compensation.

But it is worth it to appeal to his sense of fairness and try to get more from him than just Hunt.

Let us know how this turns out and good luck!