Should I trade Jordan Howard and MVS for Boyd?

I have Kerryon, Jones, Gurley, Henderson. And Jamaal Williams I also have diggs Lockett Fitzgerald and Samuel it’s a dynasty. Am o nuts here?

I would make that deal. Prefer Boyd over Howard and MVS in dynasty.

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Especially now with Green being out!

Get Boyd. I like MVS but you are betting he becomes what Boyd had shown. You should be able to survive the loss of Howard.

Boyd was significantly worse when Green was NOT on the field. Plus with new coaching stuff you never know.

Do not fall victim to small sample bias. First of all, for the games AJ was off the field, so was Andy Dalton. Context matters. Also Hughe Jackson was calling plays who we all know is trash. Passing volume plummeted with driskell at helm and hugh jackson calling plays. Second of all, this assumes that Boyd will not improve at all going into this season. The guy is still only 24 years old and already put up 1k yards on 14 games last season.

If you have someone out there willing to give you boyd for that price, i’d smash accept. This is a no brainer.

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I think you mean Marvin Lewis…

marvin was trash too but we also had Hue on bengals last season as special assistant / helping with play calling.

I didn’t know Hugh called any plays. Interesting.

Thanks guys made the trade. Feeling good about it Boyd really evens out the team. Appreciate all the feedback!