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Should i trade jordy nelson for 4 players?


A guy offered me Crowell, Garçom, Golden Tate and Sanu for Jordy Nelson
My wrs are jordy, pryor, bryant, amendola and kearse
I should take it, right?
I dont even know if i can accept a trade and have these many players in my squad…


Pass, jordy is too much of an asset. You’d be getting garbage in return


The guy just offered me j. Jones for jordy instead of the players i mentioned before…
Do i take it?


Listen to the podcast from today, I believe the guys said they’d take that trade


they did haha and it was my question… i asked jason on twitter the other day! Anyway i found a way to get julio and keep jordy, had do give up a rb2 and 2 wr2 but think it was worth it