Should i trade Julio for Calvin Ridley and mostert?

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What Type of league are you in?

I wouldn’t do it

Is this a dynasty, guess so, but I wouldn’t. I don’t think it’s a horrible trade but I rather keep Julio…even if it’s for one more year.

What’s your take on Mostert?

I like Julio most. That said, I think Ridley is very good and will step up. Mostert I like but even so, I do not think he is long term asset. Might be wrong, but I think he might be short lived in the role.

If this is dynasty I could see it, and with Julio getting older his clock is ticking. Thing is, I think Ridley needs Julio to complete him. Not sure he = Julio after the retirement. Ridley is not even that young, so you are not getting a massive youth bonus.

I would likely hold Julio and ride him into the sunset. Might be a mistake, but that’s how I’d play this or move Julio for someone else if you want to get off that ship.


Who are your other receivers?