Should I trade Julio Jones?

I’m 6-1 in a redraft standard League. I know Julio finally got into the end zone and put up some yardage, but up until that point he has been meh.
My question is, should I sell him and try to see if I can grab AJ Green or Deandre Hopkins plus another high caliber RB? I’ve had a couple guys asking about him and one even pondering a Hopkins and Freeman trade for my Julio and Martin. Another option is to try and turn him into a high caliber TE like Ertz or Gronk. I have Brate and Walker.

My WRs are Julio, AB, and Baldwin. RBs are Zeke, Shady, Gurley, Martin, and AP.

Thanks in advance for the input.

Geez you are stacked. How many teams in league? I would probably do the Hopkins + freeman deal

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8-man League, I just bought a lot of these guys low from guys who needed wins now lol.

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WOW. I don’t know that I’d do anything with your team. As they say…“if it ain’t broke…leave it alone!!!” Being 6-1…unless things start really heading south (injuries etc) I think I’d have to just let it ride. Of course, this is coming from a 3-4, so…what do I know? LOL

But…what do the rest of your League’s standings look like with 8-team. Also…I’m PPR.

There is one other 6-1 in another division. He is the guy that beat me by 0.5 because a lot of my stars had subpar games lol. The closest next to that is 4-3 in mine and his division. I’m the highest scoring currently though by a lot. I think you might be right though, just let it ride.

Yeah. IDK…that’s JMO. But…the way this year’s been going things can take an abrupt 180 real quick…as in…Julio the next to go out. But for now…I seriously think that’s what I’d do. Hope I don’t steer ya wrong my friend.

Jump on that Hopkins freeman trade, like yesterday. Watson balling and Hopkins getting tons of targets plus he’s got talent. Freeman is better than Martin. You win in this trade big time in my opinion.