Should I trade Keenan Allen for Kareem Hunt? Another one for the footclan

I’d like some more trade advise footclan
12 man full PPR
A guy in my league who is doing well at running back and weak at wr is shopping Kareem hunt. He offered hunt to devonta Adams but the guy said no. should I offer Keenan Allen and say Lamar miller for him?

It would leave the lineup
Rb: gurley, gordon
Wr: oBJ, Corey Davis
Flex: Hunt

I know I take a hit at wr. And I have no depth, Waivers are thin. But there’s always a way to make something work for a fill in. And if one of my rbs take a value jump I could pair with Davis for an upgrade easier than I could get another rb1

My backup rb are nayheim Hines, rojo, Payton barber, duke Johnson jr

What do we think footclan? Thanks!

Basically Which one of these guys has a better floor going forward?

Bump, he’s trying to get obj for hunt and that’s where I’m drawing the line. I wouldn’t do that.

I would give him Gordon for Hunt and his best WR

His best wr is Michael Thomas. He’s also got DJ he’s shopping. He just keeps wanting obj.

I got obj and Fournette for James white and Hilton xD I don’t see it outta the realm for a 141

This is committing highway robbery. You sold James White on an inflated value. I would hardly consider this to be the norm and justification for a 1 to 1 Hunt to OBJ.

I think you’re line up is fine man. You need Keenan Allen more than you need Hunt IMO. I’d just leave it as is.

Yea I feel like “value” wise I should do that but roster wise it would force my hand to Corey Davis for wr2 each week. That why I was a bit hesitant to pull the trigger.

I think Allen is a stud. I’m still buying him anywhere and everywhere. I think your roster is stronger with him.

I love Davis too but his schedule is not the greatest right now going up against jimmy smith vs baltimore.

Yea I bought Allen from the fournette owner. Davis is getting the targets just not doing much with them. Has had and will continue to have a difficult schedule…

Nah I’m just saying throw it out there see what happens lol

Hunt is playing great football and is getting better each game. If you can get a decent WR and Hunt for Allen I’d do it. Hunt is just a better option right now and will be all season long especially when Mahomes has his rookie mishaps. Allen is good but Hunt is better

Also watch for bye weeks. Michael Thomas had has his this week. Maybe try and leverage a trade for him along with Hunt. Give up Allen and a RB plus a bench WR for those 2 amd see if he takes it. Or at the very least get Hunt from him. Even if it takes OBJ and a RB 2 or 3 for Thomas and Hunt do it