Should I trade Kelce?

Half PPR, super flex, keeper league.

Is Kelce still as valuable as he was a year ago? Should I trade him in a package to get Pitts and an upgrade at RB with someone like Taylor? Or should I trust that Kelce is still elite and hope the Chiefs turn things around? Thanks!

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Curious what others say because I have trade where I am going after Travis. Mine is in redraft thought so I think he will have solid rest of year where just am not sure what long term value can be. If can get pitts and solid upgrade elsewhere I might do it.

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Imho, Kelce is still valuable. Remember he had arguably the best statistical season for a TE, regression was going to happen.

However, he is still the TE1 overall in all formats even with his first bust game in nearly 5 years.

Kelce is the TE1 until someone over takes him.

Who would you rather have, especially in redraft formats, over Kelce?


Kelce is still absolutely valuable. KC is in a weird space, but it’s not as though only Kelce has fallen off. Despite the appearance of last night’s game. That said, 10000000000% move him for Pitts plus if you can in a Keeper/Dynasty league.

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@octoberland Pitts wouldn’t have a great keeper value next year in my league, but I have Gibson and Edmonds as well. You think I should do Kelce and Gibson/Edmonds for Pitts and Taylor? Should there be more added on one of the sides? Thanks!

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What do you mean? What would his value be?

Without knowing you keeper rules (I’m guessing it’s round drafted based) I like that. You could probably squeak something else out but I think that’s fair. Maybe switch a draft pick, like your 6th for their 5th type of thing.

@octoberland The keeper rules are two rounds ahead of where the player was drafted in the previous year. Pitts was taken in the 4th this year, so his keeper cost would be a 2nd.

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That’s about what I’d thought. Does it bump up two years the following year as well? So he’d be a 1st rounder or does it stop after the first year’s jump? I think if you can keep him perpetually as a 2nd that might be alright. Assuming he does become like a Kelce / Kittle / Waller level that’s about where they go. I’d not mind it personally.