Should I Trade Lamar Miller & Marshawn Lynch for Dalvin Cook?

Should I do this trade? I picked latavius murray off of waivers. It’s full ppr. I’ve got a nast good after all my trading. (Acquired gronk, and obj, to stack with my Melvin G and Julio) but a 12 man league so I wouldn’t have MUCH depth after, it would leave me with mark Ingram and Kerryon Johnson. The thought would be to then handcuff my starters. I would also be getting geranimo Allison.

I’d do the trade. In 2 for 1 trades I always like to get the best player and Cook is that guy.

Snap take it.

Yeah I would do this. Owning the Minnesota backfield is super valuable.

You would have better depth if you kept Miller and Lynch. Having Murray is fantastic and will likely pay dividends later, but I would trade away that much depth this early in the season.