Should I trade Mahomes?

Got offered Lamar Jackson, Brandin Cooks, and Curtis Samuel. My receivers are weak being Jon Brown and Mecole Hardmen. What do yall think? Thanks

Anyone?? Need to brain trust help

What’s your whole team look likec

Mack, gore, and david Johnson at rb, waller at TE, and I have NE defense.

As a fellow Mahomes owner, I’d pass on this trade. WRs are a dime a dozen on the waiver wire. Mahomes is a safe 25 plus start right now and Lamar is gonna face harder defenses.

Yeah I know my receivers are weak and thought I could get some value out of this trade and still have a top 12 qb

Yah if your trading mahomes I’d want a top rb or wr plus I do t think your getting that with that deal