Should I trade Martin for Crabtree?

I lost OBJ and need some WR depth. .5ppr league.

My other wrs are d. Thomas, m. Jones, Sanu, Doctson, Lee and C. Davis with Gronk as my TE.

My RBs are Murray, Martin, Abdullah, kamara , Crowell and Lewis.

Should I do the trade?

I would do this. Solidify’s you’re WR core.

No no no, not even a thought. Your RBs aren’t in great shape either. It is so much easier to stream and replace WRs than it is RBs, and Martin is a solid RB2 with RB1 upside

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I would trade Gronk for a different positional player and stream a TE.

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Hey @swissarmyaccountant who would you target for Gronk? Remember me I’m the guy that drafted Gronk in all my leagues.

I managed this trade in my standard league to the Fournette owner who really wanted Ivory as a cuff.

I’m still open to trading Gronk in my half and full PPR but I just don’t know what the market is for him.

I probably wouldn’t have done that trade myself (in PPR, in standard I would), but it’s not a horrible trade. Ertz > Gronk for sure. But CMC is a top 12 RB in PPR. I’m always for trading a perpetual injury risk like Gronk/Jordan Reed as long as you get good value back. Let the contant injury reports be someone elses problem.

Oh don’t worry @swissarmyaccountant it’s my standard league.

But who’s a good target for Gronk? I mean is it underperforming guy’s like Julio or Keenan Allen + something else or is it full on studs like Lev or Zeke or would it be for one of the amazing rooks like Kareem Hunt or Fournette?

I just don’t know the market for Gronk and I actually did a trade but it involved the best TE in Fantasy so not sure if I can pull another one with Ertz in the deal.