Should I trade MCCAFFREY!

Smaller league so its our first week of playoffs I’m hurtin at WR (THIELEN J.REYNOLDS SUTTON BOYD and PETTIS) but strong at RB(GURLEY MCCAFFREY CHUBB J.ADAMS CARSON and J.SAMUELS) I got SAMUELS in my TE spot. Should I trade MCCAFFREY or GURLEY to a league member not in my playoff bracket for JULIO AND COOKS?

No way. Gurley and Mccaffery are 2 of the 3 best RBS in fantasy along with Barkley. Do not trade.


It would be one of them I’m leaning towards MCCAFFREY but definitely just one of them. You think I should just let it ride … what I got at WR

Can you trade Carson and Adams? Not sure league depth but I would NOT give up CMC or Gurley for the playoffs.

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I would ride Gurley and McCaffrey all the way to a #footclantitle. They could probably do it single handedly.
Maybe try to trade Chubb for a Cooks or a Beckham?

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Ya I cant get a good trade for them the only thing they see is GURLEY and CMC lol.

You currently have 2 of the best 3 positional (non-QB) players in fantasy so moving either would be a downgrade to your team. What about a Carson for Edleman or other WR2. That’s all you need at this point. Pairing Theilen with another 10pt/wk WR would most likely solidify the championship.

I have to ask, you’re not in a 3WR no flex league (used to be the Yahoo standard)? That may be the only reason to contemplate a move.

Going after a simpler trade like that make sence thanks for the feed back

I have to 100% agree with the others here. I would NOT give up Gurley or CMC at this point!!! NO WAY-NO HOW!!! At this point they’re the GOLD!!!

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