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Should I trade mccoy for zeke?


The guy in my league has both levbell and zeke, but he seems interested in mccoy a lot.

I’m hesitant because of the suspension

12-man, ppr

What do you guys think?


I would ask for more! He wants to remove himself of that risk. You deserve to be rewarded for that. A switch of Mccoy and Zeke doesnt do it.


would 100% agree with Chaos1313. Get MOAR Value!


and if you can’t, I would definitely just hold on to mccoy…would hate to make it playoffs and then zeke has to serve suspension.


Yeah it’s get more or no. McCoy and Elliott on a full gaurenteed season are on equal footing, especially with buffalo running (and passing) through McCoy. So 1 to 1 its equal, but the risk of a suspension at any time makes it a horrible value. If zeke wasn’t under investigation, I would take it to alleviate the injury concerns of McCoy. But right now, I would rather have that then an all but gaurenteed 6 game suspension looming.