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Should I trade McKinnon or Peterson?


I have both and will be trading one away for a WR. Whos better long term?


I think both have their risks. David Johnson will eventually come back so I would say McKinnon has more value. I would trade whichever one gives you more value.


Funny thing is I have David Johnson as well. I have an offer right now to receive AJ Green in exchange for McKinnon and Fitzgerald, any thoughts?


What’s rest of your team? In a vacuum I say do it but if you aren’t that deep at rb that could change. Green is a top 5 wr so I think a sound move


RB: Hunt, Elliott and both backups, Peterson, McKinnon, and D. Johnson

WR: M. Thomas, D. Adams, Fitzgerald


Make the trade for AJ green, it helps your roster immensely with how deep you are at RB


Should I counter Peterson instead of McKinnon or just take it the way it is?


Take it as is. Green is a bonafide STUD. With Elliot getting the temp restraining order you have at least 2 weeks of him and handcuffs for both big guys will help you a lot


Thanks for the help! I think I will make sure Green is practicing and take the trade.


Yeah I mean if you can trade Peterson instead of McKinnon I would do that I think McKinnon has more long term value but either way good trade!