Should I trade Mike Williams in Dynasty or Hold on to him?

It’s a full ppr with half point for first downs.

I received an offer of Dante Pettis and a 2020 2nd round pick for him.

I also received and offer of Chris Herndon and a 2020 1st round pick. I have Kelce as my top te but my other tes are Ian Thomas, Ricky Seals Jones, Jordan Thomas, and I’m holding on to Gronk just in case.

I was also going to see about trying to see about trying to get Nick Chubb in a trade with me giving up Justice Hill and Mike Williams.

I traded my 2020 1st round pick, so I could use a 2020 1st round pick too.

Should I hold or trade ? Thanks

I wouldn’t do the Herndon or pettis trade, but I would try to do the chubb trade even though I personally wouldn’t give up chubb for Williams and hill

Wouldn’t do either of the trades you said. If you can find a good price for him, then selling is fine.

Also, the justice hill and mike williams for Chubb trade is laughable. Chubb right now is a top 8 RB in terms of startup value. Mike Williams is going in the 5th round on the mid to low WR2. Would you give up Chubb as a chubb owner for M will and some random rookie dart who is most likely just a satellite back? Probably not.

The 2020 draft is going to be insane. I love mike Williams and you should probably keep him but any trade that is getting you 2020 picks should be considered.