Should I trade Mixon+Dissly for Marlon Mack?

10 man team, full ppr

I have Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones and Tevin Coleman

I have Kittle as my starting TE

I would see what you can get for Kittle+Mixon. I get why you’d want to keep Kittle since he’s more talented and past his bye. But you may be able to get a top tier RB1 from a team who’s 1-4/2-3. I’d rather have Russell Wilson’s favorite RZ target than Jimmy G’s.

All that being said, I would trade Mixon/Dissly for Mack and then pick up Wilkins :wink:


Quick stat check,
Seahawks lead the NFL with a 76.47% redzone touchdown percentage.
The 49ers are 25th overall with 47.06%.

That being said, I’m skeptical about trading Kittle. He was my keeper from last year.

Hmm would I be better off with keeping both? Starting kittle and flexing DISSLY?

Solid WR flex options if need be
Courtland Sutton
Alshon Jeffery
Terry McLaurin

First if you trade kittle, who would be your keeper and what round? If you have someone of similar value I agree with above. I’d shop kittle and mixon for a top 10 rb, maybe even top 5.

Most likely my keeper would be dissly. I’d get huge value next year if he remains a top TE. Since he’s a pickup I think he’d fall to be like my 15th round. I’m not 100%.

I own 2 of the top 5 RBs in my league.

  1. McCaffrey
  2. Eckler
  3. Dalvin Cook*
  4. Aaron Jones*
  5. Nick Chubb

I may target a qb.

Right now I’m streaming Kyler Murray
Jamies Winston on my bench.
Do you think I could get a Lamar Jackson for a Winston+Kittle? Too little?

I would stick with Murray RoS tbh. Their RZ offense has to get better throughout the season and Lamar has come back down to earth since he started playing tougher defenses than MIA and ARIZ.

Aaron Jones is going to lose some touches to Williams once he comes back so he will have some sort of regression. Definitely keep Dissly > Kittle for the value play. And I would target a RB1 over a QB every single time.

My league favors qbs.

Scoring is 6 points per td
1 point for ever 10 yards passing

Yeah it’s a little broken but oh well.

Looking over some matchups I think I’ll be able to stream my qbs ros. Riskly but last week with a qb that gave me under 25 pts and aaron jones on my bench, I still put up over 200 points.

Full team

Qb Winston/Murray
RB- D.Cook
RB- A.Jones
WR- M.Thomas
WR- C.Godwin
FLEX- Dissly
D/st- Patriots / Bears
Kicker- Tucker