Should I trade OBJ?

1/2 PPR - 2RB, 2WR, 2FLEX

trade away OBJ/Lewis/Burton for Ertz/Diggs

rest of my roster:

RB: Mixon, Ingram, Thompson, Jones, Drake
WR: Baldwin, Shepard, Ridley, Brown, Westbrook

Am i giving up too much?

I’d take it. Lewis hurts a little, but he’s replaceable

Yeah, i think with my RB depth I should be okay. If you had the option, would you rather trade away Lewis or Jones?

I’d probably pass on this personally. We’re still seeing the floor of OBJ (mainly limited by how much Eli sucks). I want to see a couple more weeks play out before I make any moves on him. You’d be selling pretty low on OBJ right now if you were to go ahead with this trade.

I’d rather sell SS after his big game or Ridley. Ridley is my top sell high candidate right now. I’ve seen a tonne of people who would prefer him to JJ ROS which is mind boggling.

Is there reason to believe that the giants offense/Eli will improve? OBJ isn’t getting many deep looks and the ones he has gotten have been terribly off. His red zone usage is also concerning. After four weeks I don’t see too much to be optimistic about.

Giants as a team have typically started pretty slowly. I mean new coach, new scheme, new players. Going to take some time. And it’s not like OBJ has been a scrub, put up 2x 100 yard games. Just hasn’t gotten the TDs this year but we know he is great in the redzone. And OBJ doesn’t make his money on long bombs, most of his big plays are taking a short crossing route to the house and he hasn’t done that yet but I trust it is coming.

We have a 4 game sample size so far. I’m going to bet on the talent of OBJ to overcome how bad Eli is / has always been. OBJ makes Eli, not the other way around. If you want to bank on 4 game sample size, 2 of which were against top NFL defenses in Jax/Dal, that’s your prerogative.

Personally, I am going to bank on the 4 year sample size I have of OBJ and what I’ve watched and seen as probably the best WR of this generation. Positive regression is coming.