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Should i trade or ride with my team? Help


QB: Mariota
RB: Howard
RB: Hunt
WR: M.Thomas
WR: Baldwin
WR: Pryor
TE: Reed
D: Broncos
K: Lutz

Johnson ):

Also if you could leave your opinions on my starting lineup… Thank you!


I would try to trade for another TE. Reed has that foot injury which scares me. I currently have him on my bench and I’m playing clay at TE


Yes, thats my biggest concern. Im in a 10 men league so benches are deep, i feel like my team is middle of the pack right now. I would drop someone and pick up a TE but i like all my bench players. Who would you trade for a TE?


Maybe reed and Jeffrey for eifert or graham or Olsen? I trust those TEs over reed going forward. And you’re pretty deep at wr so I think you can afford to trade away Jeffrey


knowing the people in my league i could prob trade jeffrey for grahm straight up lol. Thanks!