Should I trade stafford?

Heavily debating trading Stafford for Josh Allen. Maybe throw in another piece like Mecole Hardman or Darrel Williams.

Someone tell me I’m being crazy and keep Stafford.

I don’t think it’s crazy at all, in fact i’d be suprised if they took Allen for Stafford straight up. Stafford may have the better arm but you get all the bonuses of Allen’s rushing and potential for TD’s.

Allen > Stafford

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Depends on the context and roster construction. And the balance of risk and upside you have and want.

Allen is a lot higher risk for me, as the AFC East have a terrible schedule and with Moss he has a proper RB to overload to, so I think his running decreases. But if Diggs works there is a big passing upside.

Stafford is a lot safer.

I’m in a .5 point 12 man superflex league.
Here’s my team:
Joe Burrow
Derek Carr
Miles Sanders
Jonathan Taylor
Allen Robinson
Robert Woods
Marquise Brown
Mecole Hardman
Hayden Hurst
Tevin Coleman
Chase Edmonds
Tony Pollard
Darrel Williams
Jonnu Smith

So I think I have stability and some upside players but I’m wondering if I should go for something a little more like Josh Allen.

If that’s the case i say nah, i think Burrows give you that potential upside you’re looking for. If you trade for Allen then you have no “stability” outside of Derek Carr, and other than a bye week fill-in i wouldn’t want him starting on my team

Now if you could somehow flip Burrows for Allen, then we’d be talkin

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Ooooh- never thought of that.

I forgot to mention that picks are -3 in this league. (Makes me glad Winston isn’t an option this year)

Oh man, Andy got me all jacked up on Stafford today.
He stays!