Should I trade Sutton and a 2020 1st round pick for Godwin and Gallup in Dynasty Full PPR?

What do you all think? Thanks in advance!

I think its very interesting and depends on where you expect to be drafting in 2020

Personally I’d keep Sutton and the 1st round pick. Sutton had over 80 targets and 700 yds last season and should see a bump in all stats this year. Plus we don’t know what kind of health Sanders is in and how much of a factor he will even be. Godwin I think will end the season with over 100 targets and close to 900 yards minimum, but I don’t think you’re getting anything out of Gallup who I think is just in the Terrence Williams role of previous seasons. I value the draft pick higher than Gallup. If it was a late draft pick then I would be more tempted to do the trade.

Personally, I like Sutton but with Hamilton coming on strong and the lack of consistent QB there I’d probably pull the trigger for Godwin and Gallup.


What @randall9442 said. I see Gallup being much more this year with an overall better Cowboys team. Hamilton has a pretty good chance of being the star in Denver over Sutton.

what is the 2020 pick looking like…a late round 1st or early 1st?

I wouldn’t do it, personally. Whatever jump Gallup makes, I don’t expect it to be great enough to where you can feel comfortable playing him on a week-to-week basis. I certainly like Godwin the most of any WR involved in this deal, but not enough to wear I’m eager enough to move both Sutton and a future 1st. Just too steep a price, in my opinion!