Should I trade Terry McLauren?

Matt Ryan
Knox(TE for the Bills)
Bears defense

This is my starting line up

My bench has:
Mecole Hardmen
Herndon(Jets TE)
and some other guys

Could I trade McLauren and get value?

Personally I’d hold off on trading Scary Terry right now. IMO his future is questionable with the QB controversy so I don’t think you’d get max value. Actually I’d hold him and see what happens. His start was awesome, so if the Skins figure out the QB situation he could be a legit weekly wr2

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Good advice I will take it

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I have McLaurin as well, and I’m not about to give him up right now. I don’t think his injury is a major blockade for upcoming weeks…AND…this is what ESPN is reporting at this point: “McLaurin’s nose for the end zone is, besides Chris Thompson, the best thing going in fantasy terms for this offense”.

I’d personally wait for a week or two to see what he does before trying to toss him up as bait.

if you trade him let me know what you get! I was thinking about turning him into cole beasely

Will do buddy. BUT…even tho Beasley seems to be a HOT “COAL” right now…I don’t know…in the past Beasley has always had only one or two games an entire year that he seemed to shine. BUT…this year with BUF…who knows…maybe he’s finally found his “nitche”. I’ve always liked him…but…he’s never been able to maintain any REAL consistency FFB wise. I really like the guy and think he’s got major potential if he can find the right team to give him the chance to do what he’s capable of!!! Am definitely watching him myself!!!

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Hot Coal…Genius

@druss11…LOL…great minds think alike huh??? To be honest…when I typed that, I instantly thought “OMG…great PUN there” …but…I decided not to push it with the “pun play”. Just wanted to toss up helpful thoughts. BUT…:grinning:…again…GREAT MINDS!!!

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