Should I trade the #1 pick?

I have the first pick in my fantasy football draft this year, and I’m debating if I should trade it or not. My league is a 10 team 1pt PPR league. I’ve had initial discussions about moving down to 3 with another league member. I guess my issue is I have the #1 pick, but I can’t decide who to take and then again my 2nd pick isn’t until pick 20. HELP is greatly appreciated!

In a full PPR, I’m taking Bell > DJ > Gurley > Zeke. Strong case could be made for DJ 1st overall. I’m probably keeping my pick unless I get a good offer for it.

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I love trading the #1 pick down to #3 or #4 as the draft will usually go some combo of gurley, bell, Zeke and DJ and I rank all those guys the same basically… So moving down to 3 or 4 helps you not wait so long between picks and you still get 1 of the big 4 guys.

Also don’t just trade the #1 for #3 or #4… If you move down try to get a 3rd or 4th round pick as well… Or some other compensation for giving up the #1 pick

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Agree with this in concept, but it rarely works in practice. If you’re trading with anyone smart, they also know that moving from 1.04 to 1.01 isn’t worth that much given the tier is the same. No chance you get 3rd/4th from anyone smart. If I could even get an extra 7th-9th rounder, I’d take that deal. To me, I’m literally indifferent between the top 4 so I’ll happily take anything in return for free.

I find the trades can accomplish much more if you swap 1.01 with a later position. And potentially adopt a zero RB approach which I made a post about. I think its a great year to do it and if you even just swap 1st/2nd and then get compensated later in the draft with somemore swaps or picks, it’s totally worth it. Cause there’s a good shot you can open with 2x top 6 WRs, and get Gronk in the 3rd.

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