Should I trade to get Marlon Mack, James White, or Devonta Freeman?

The guy who lost AB has all of these RBs, I have some good bench WRs that he may be interested in a trade. I’m trying to get more RB depth. Should I target he’s RBs?

My current WRs
Michael Thomas
Chris Godwin
Terry McLaurin
DeMarcus Robinson
Alshon Jeffery
Courtland Sutton

My current RBs
Dalvin Cook
Aaron Jones
Joe Mixon
R. Moestert

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What are his RBs?

Marlon mack, Devonta Freeman and James white

How many people in the league?

I’m leaning towards Freeman right now due to ceiling since you have tremendous RBs already. So you’d want whoever you get to have a high ceiling. You have time to wait for Freeman to turn it around and I think we already know what White and Mack can do…

Mack - consistent workhorse - high floor
White - hit or miss depending on how Brady/Bellichek feel that week
Freeman - ATL high powered offense (battling with Ito for carries…) but we know what happens if they ever give him the reigns again!

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10 people league and full ppr.

I was thinking more Marlon Mack but you may be on to something.

You have any suggestions on who I should offer in a trade for Freeman?

I’d be happy to give you feedback on any question you may have as well.

D. Freeman is a buy low candidate but I am nervous to get him because of how the falcons are using him. I would be more interested in Mack, but I would wait until after this week because I could see him having a bad game because he is banged up

I would offer Robinson and Moestert for Freeman or Mack (Could also do Scary Terry instead of Robinson but Robinson has a lot of hype around him currently

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