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Should I trade Travis Kelce & Cooper Kupp for Derick Henry & Delanie Walker?


I’m currently awaiting a trade for jj Nelson and demarco Murray to pass veto period in an hourso it looks like its clean. I need to make a move for Henry.
The owner already wants me to pay super high. He’s got Lev Bell and Zeke Elliot with mixon on the bench already.

I Recieve: Derrick Henry and Delanie Walker

I Give: Travis Kielce and Cooper Kupp

My current team. 12 team full Ppr

RB: Isaiah Crowell (yay) Carlos Hyde, frank gore, javorious allen, Doug Martin, jaquizz rodgers.

Should I do it? He would not take gore and cupp for Henry. He likes cupp being involved. I’ve considered Crowell but that’s too much if he’s just a backup for the season…


YES … Take it and Run.

Henry is gonna be more valuable than Kupp over the entire season.

and walker and Kelce are basically a swap. or you might be losing a point or 2 … but nothing significant



It’s so hard to trade kelce I feel like he’s te 1. But I do see Henry’s potential value. Also comfortable with Delanie Walker but good idea to have pass catcher and rb same team. Kind of limits upside? Or am I being picky? And missing out on the crazy upside of Henry and will eventually have to offer cooks. What if I offered Crowell. Would that be better for me? I’m starting to think so.


Do not do this. You do not need to deal with the headache that is the Murray/Henry mess.

You have plenty of good RBs. Keep your elite TE. There are only two of them right now: Gronk and Kelce. The rest are way back.

I would not do this trade.

Edit: If you absolutely must get Henry, offer an RB instead. Do not give away your elite TE.


Thanks for the help guys waiting on today’s practice report, if demarco Murray is not practicing I may be closer to do it. Even though I don’t really want to. IR do I hope Henry doesn’t do well this Sunday… problem is I think he might be okay against Seattle. oh the dilemma at hand. Still would like any advice on this.
I do value kelce same as gronkowski. Gronk obv has higher upside when playing but kelce has higher upside of actually playing.


Another guy in my league wants to get off of Jordan reed. I could potentially trade kelce for delanie then delanie and frank gore for reed once the trade finalizes. That guy NEEDS an RB this week


Update. Barring any vetos, which I’m curious on how people think that should work but that’s a whole nother thread.

I just traded away — javorious Allen, jermaine Kearse, & frank gore

Received — Mike Evans, Jordan reed, charcandrick west

So now I am going to see if he would do a reed & cupp trade for a Henry and delanie


Trade vetos are usually (In my experience) only from players who have a decent team and see themselves as a contender and get mad because the trade makes their rival better than their team so they don’t like the trade and try and veto it. A veto should only be available when their is collusion between teams.