Should I Trade Trey Lance for Derrick Henry?

Of course you should–but I’m guessing the Henry owner doesn’t place the same value on Lance that you do.

You see, there’s a reason you were able to draft Trey Lance late in the draft, and it’s not 'cause you’re clever. It’s because nobody else in your league WANTS him!

He played ONE (1) season of college football–TWO seasons ago–and averaged 178 yards passing per game against FCS competition. He is not ready to read and react effectively to NFL defenses–and he won’t be, at any point this season. If they try to start him anyway, just because Shanahan, he’s going to get you like 5 points per week after the turnovers and you’ll never WANT him in your lineup!

So no, you can’t trade him for anyone, and yes, you should drop him for anyone who can help your team.

There, over 100 questions answered in one fell swoop by the curator of fantasy football wisdom, Æ™.

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You have some great takes. What do you think of Lance now that he had an amazing half this week?

Did he? In the game I watched, he went 8 of 17 for 81 yards–oh and a 76 yard TD pass where he almost didn’t see Samuel until he was jumping up and down–but even with that, he finished with a QBR of 39.5.

Maybe you should review the number of passes that were off target and remind me what parts were “amazing.”

You’re correct, “amazing” is the wrong word. He was shaky out there, but he did come through for fantasy in about a half of a game of work. We’ve seen some disappointing rookie starts this year. I just wondered if you thought Trey would continue that trend or be valuable?

From my original post it should be clear that I don’t think Lance will be ready to read and react effectively to NFL defenses at any point this season. He’s just too inexperienced.

Opinions change, even in 2 weeks. But I agree with you. Thanks for the video post.