Should I trade Zeke? PPR

After Sort of dodging a bullet named AJ Green’s Toe; My Team is

Big Ben
Aaron Jones Zeke Matt Breida Austin Ekeler
Sammy Watkins, Doug Baldwin, Desean Jackson, Lockett, Sutton, Moncrief, Matt Harris
OJ Howard

I feel like I don’t have much of a team at this point… should I be shopping Zeke for like 2 wrs or something?

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You do need some WR help for sure. With that said, I can’t see it in your best interest to trade away your best player. That hurts you more than it would help.

I’m not really sure what else to do with this mess :confused:

I don’t see many options for your team here, unfortunately. I’d look to the Gordon owner and see if you could work a deal for Ekeler and one of your receivers to get an upgrade. Then I’d probably look at packaging Breida and another receiver for a slight upgrad (if possible). You may not be able to do much with these options though…

You could also see the return on Djax with Fitzpatrick back under center. People may be willing to buy him.

Might have found something, One owner has Kupp Woods TY Hilton MVS and Shepard, but no RB2 this week with Lindsay on Bye, going to try to make a Breida trade to them to get them through their bye week for maybe MVS

NOOOOOOOO. You can not trade away your best RB.

No chance you could get Kupp from him I’m assuming? MVS is a fine target though with Breida imo.

Yeah I was targeting MVS.

Yeah, like I said, I’d do Breida for MVS with how thin your wideouts are.