Should I trade zeke

So I am 4-3 now because Ito smith didn’t get 9 more yards or because Andy dalton threw an interception. Not sure which player to blame just yet.

I have zeke, keenan Allen, ito Smith on bye. Should I be looking to trade zeke in order to get a needed W next week. If so, who should I be looking to trade for?

RBs: zeke, shady, Thompson, Ito smith, ivory
WR: AB, Allen, cooks, Snead, trequan Smith


@MikeMeUpp any suggestions? You seem to give good advice thanks

You’re in a tough spot. Not sure thompson plays this week with his injuries. At least you have ivory to fill in for mccoy if he sits but i think you need zeke. He’s your only true workhorse (excluding mccoy and the terrible buffalo offense). See what you can do with waivers to cover the bye week. I would hold onto zeke though

You should not be trading zeke for WRs. Your WRs are your strength. Your RBs are your weakness. Might just have to bite the bullet on the L this week.

Once he has a good week, I’d try to trade him a two for two for either Gurley, hunt, saquan, kamara or Gordon. But I am not a belly shirt wearin zeke fan.

What 2 for 2? There is no 2 for 2 where you’re getting Gurley or Barkley or Gordon that involves zeke here.

I think you mean a 2 for 1 for any of those guys. Zeke isn’t in the same category of production as those dudes this year with an inconsistent offense. A 2 for 2 just won’t happen.

You’re telling me you wouldn’t take zeke paired with anyone for one of those RBs paired with anyone? Aka if someone offered you brown and zeke for gordon and Watkins? That’s an extreme case to prove a point but there could be a case where this could work for both teams. He just needs to wait for zeke to have a good week.

I guess if you want to make some stupid extreme hypotheticals than sure. Would I take Zeke + AB for Gurley + some dude who might not even be rostered? Sure.

But any reasonable 2 for 2 you’re thinking about doesn’t work. Gurley is too good. I bet some people wouldn’t even take Zeke + AB for Gurley. Which are literally the 2 best players on this guy’s roster. So what other 2 for 2 combos are there?

Okay so if you waited for zeke to come off another 12+ pt game and then package him w/ brown to a frustrated Julio owner with saquan. You are saying that that’s not possible. Get outta here. They aren’t stupid hypotheticals… Real trades like this happen. Stop it with that “not in my league” BS.

a 15+ game, doesn’t erase a horrible offense and QB, or the game which just happened now where he went 15 carries for 5 points. You act like Barkley isn’t averaging 20+ games right now every single game as a floor as the RB2 in fantasy, only behind gurley.

And JJ is a top 10 WR right now lol. I guess if you want to play your cards, sure, anything and everything is possible. I’ve seen crazy trades go through. But this dude is looking for realistic trade opportunities. The 2 for 2’s your mentioning just don’t make much sense for anyone with half a brain on the other side. And they would be viewed as pretty lateral moves at best. RB/WR for RB/WR in the same tiers is meaningless.

Yes, that move would probably not be made by someone who lives, breathes and eats fantasy football but luckily for most those individuals make up few if any members of their league. The point is a trade like that is possible. Also let’s not forget that amari cooper is coming to the cowboys which will likely be a win for zeke.

Don’t think you need to live, breath and eat fantasy football to know that top RBs are very valuable and 20 > 15 and that barkley > Zeke by a wide margin or that JJ is a top 10 wr. Just have to click the players listing in yahoo and some basic common sense.

I agree in theory Cooper should definitely help zeke a bit but the problem is Dak. He is just a horrible QB, with a horrible coach, and an Oline that isn’t really good anymore. Cooper doesn’t really help fix any of those, especially Dak.

Also doesn’t take a lot to figure out AB > JJ by about the same margin saquan or Gordon is over zeke. Which would balance out the trade.

Also doesn’t that situation sound familiar… ( hint: Saquan Barkley)

Guess we disagree on that there but that’s fine. All opinion anyway. The gap between Gurley/Gordon/Barkley and Zeke is much larger than AB/JJ, assuming half or full ppr formats. And its more exaggerated by the fact its a gap in RB vs a gap in WR.

And yeah, that situation is very familiar. Except only difference is Barkley has the talent to somehow overcome it, don’t ask me how, but he does it at least from a fantasy perspective every single week. Despite match up, despite game script. Doesn’t seem like Zeke has that same ability. Which is part of the reason why the tier drop from those RBs to listed to Zeke is a lot larger than from AB to JJ right now. Although both AB and JJ aren’t necessarily performing too well.

Having said all that, the probability of someone owning both gurley/barkley and JJ on the same team also isn’t that likely so these aren’t even likely trade scenarios. Both are 1st round ADPs. Unless tilted owners dumped off JJ. having said that, the OPs team is OP AF and has Zeke/AB/Allen who are unlikely to be on the same team from a draft as well so who knows…

I agree with what others have said, trade for another runningback and wr

feels like a lot of keenan allen and zeke owners are 500 or worse. they both stink this year i laugh at people saying buy low on allen he’s just 9-14 a game in half point nowhere near worth the second round pick he was in drafts

In my league gordon is owned by JJ owner.

My point is he was a high draft pick. I didn’t draft him in any of my leagues cause i liked Gurley, bell, hunt, saquan, kamara, Gordon, Johnson more. But plenty of people drafted him higher than everyone except for maybe gurley and bell. People could view him as a buy low candidate with cooper coming that way.

I would trade Zeke for a guy like Mixon and a WR 2 maybe. I wouldn’t trade him straight up for any WR and you can’t trade him for any of the top RB right now. Zeke owners are in a tough spot right now